Welcome to RFID-Source

RFID-Source is a company that works with RFID solutions and labels. Since we have worked in the production of RFID solutions for over 10 years, we have extensive knowledge of both inlays and RFID hardware, and which technologies are the right ones to solve a special task. we can also produce the very right Label solution for your project.

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In our production we have plenty of possibilities In order to produce just the label you need, we can Digital Print, Register Cutte, UV Treat, Laminate, Arkcutte, and other capabilities, and we develop our machines for intersecting tasks.

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On our custom-made RFID machines, we can lay rfid inlay below, over, between all types of labels, or on banners with a certain distance. We have the ability to lay inlays down both the track and across the track.

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We can encode / reprint RFID labels on our proprietary machines that can follow a pre-specified data file or take tags stored in a file. We can, if necessary, help develop a data structure for your project.

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